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Disc S Performance 150mm 1950 (FiboTec) P320 81H Box of 100

Stock Code: 8420.1301.0320
£40.50 per Box100

Fibotec Sia 1950 150mm Velcro Disc P320 Box of 100

taking inspiration from nature and the Fibonacci Sequence, sia Abrasives has developeda groundbreaking new hole pattern for its abrasives. The holes in the abrasive disc are arranged on opposing spirals, such as are found on a sunflower. In sanding applications this hole pattern provides superior dust extraction, significantly reduced clogging and longer life of abrasive materials.

Compared to standard hole patterns,FiboTec offers up to 35% faster removal rate with less dust residue on the workpiece and in the workspace.

The result: higher abrasive performance thanks to maximum dust extraction!


With FiboTec you achieve up to 3 times higher abrasive performance than with standard hole patterns.


Best dust extraction rates

The offset between the holes on the opposing spirals ensures reliable dust extraction across almost the entire surface of the abrasive while the disc is rotating. This reduces dust exposure for people and the environment.


Minimal clogging

 FiboTec has a big advantage, especially when working with materials that easily clog. Thanks to its superior extraction capacity, the abrasive performs measurably better even under extreme conditions and, above all, for longer than abrasives with a standard hole pattern.

Up to 35% faster material removal and 3 times longer lifetime due to:

  • Better dust extraction
  • Less clogging


Simple handling

The FiboTec multi-hole system allows easy attachment of the abrasive disc to the backing pad, since the holes in the disc do not have to be matched up with the holes in the pad. Keeps working interruptions to a minimum. Easy grit size recognition With FiboTec, the grit size is easy to identify – even after sanding. The grit size is cut into the disc by laser. That way, the grit size can be reliably determined even after use and even if the back of the abrasive disc is completely covered with dust. 

Collectively, these advantages make for:

  • Higher productivity
  • Higher process stability
  • Better occupational health and safety


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