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Ambersil PX24 Lubricant Ind Strength 31565 163.670

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Ambersil PX24 Protective Lubricant Industrial Strength


Formulated specifically to meet the exacting standards of Military maintenance personnel. PX24 is a multi-purpose lubricant, corrosion inhibitor, dewatering and protective fluid. It is ideal for use on all mechanical and electrical equipment and as a penetrant will quickly free seized nuts, bolts and bearings.

  • Meets military spec.
  • Def. Stan 68-10 issue 4 PX24
  • NATO Code C-634
  • Augusta Westland approved: WHPS 158
  • Copper corrosion - IP 154 max 1; no pitting or etching
  • Water Displacement – Complete Displacement of NaCI test solution (IP 178)
  • Corrosion Protection - Pass/No Corrosion (IP 178)
  • No adverse effects on rubber, paintwork or plastics and acrylic sheet polyester, glass fibre laminate, vinyl sheet and ebonite
  • Temperature range: -20°C to +115°C


Exceptional multi-purpose lubricant formulated to military specifications. Use on seized fasteners, medium-term corrosion protection (internal), general purpose lubricant for metal-to metal parts. Use to dewater components.


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