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Molyslip 2001E Engine Oil 250ml/btl M500010

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MOLYSLIP 2001 E Engine Oil Supplement 250ML MOL50002


Most contemporary oil suppliements are " viscosity index improvers". They help to prevent the oil in your engine becomingtoo thin at high temperatures. Molyslip 2001 E uses the unique plating action of molybdenum disilphide to protect your engine, reduing wear and friction whilst improving fuel efficiency. Microfine MoS2 molecules plate themselves to the metal surfaces of your engine, forming an incredibly tough dry lubricating film capable of withstanding pressures of upto 140,000 lbs per in2 or nearly 10,000 kgs per cm2!.
Modern Luricating Oils are designed to dissipate heat and reduce friction, but under extreme heat and pressure the oil film can break down. Molyslip 2001 E then takes over, to:-

Reduce Wear on Piston Rings.
Improve Fuel efficiency. Independent tests show a reduction in fuelconsumtption of between 5% and 11%.
Boost power, thereby increasing acceleration.

Theory of Molyslip Lubrication
In use, Molyslip products form a lubricating layer of Molybdenum Disulphide on metal surfaces in thefollowing manner.
The Molybdenum Disulphide molecules arrange themselves into plates with a laminar structure in which each molybdenum atom is sandwiched between two sulphur atoms. The sulphur atoms are attracted to metal and therefore become plated or bonded on to each of the adjacent bearing surfaces. In between these two platings further layers of molecules form. The sulphur-to-metal bonding is very strong, but the sulphur-to-sulphur bonding between adjacent molecules is very weak.
Thus, there are two bearing surfaces, each protectively plated by a layer of Molybdenum Disulphide molecules with sliding or lubricating layers of molecules in between. In this way direct contact of metal-to-metal surfaces is prevented, friction is considerably reduced, with the consequent elimination of local heating, wear is inhibited and protection achieved even under extreme conditions of pressure and temperature.
The molecular thickness of Molybdenum Disulphide is such that there are approximately 40,000 lubricating or cleavage planes in an MoS2 film one thousandth of an inch thick!
The Molybdenum Disulphide plating is, in effect, a separating layer of immense strength, greater than the yield stress of most metals...and in addition it possesses the low coefficient of friction of ·03 to ·06 which gives more efficient lubrication combined with this greater protection.


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